About Peter 

In 2008, Peter Roberts left academic research and a short stint at law school back to become a full time nutrition, strength and conditioning coach. In 2010 he opened his own gym in Toronto's East, Quantum CrossFit, where he's developed a reputation for attention to detail, individualised training and nutrition programs, and helping people perform at their peak while staying pain free.

Every year Peter spends hundreds of hours researching and attending seminars to improve his knowledge base across his coaching practice. He's also in the gym every day, working directly with clients. From coaching Canada Basketball and Canada Rugby League athletes to helping seniors regain strength after knee replacements, Peter is a broadly experienced, dedicated professional who truly loves what he does and cares deeply about helping you live your fittest, happiest life.   

Peter Roberts Coaching is an awesome training resource for people who want real, long-term results. Getting healthy doesn’t have to be complicated. Online and in person, Peter's here to teach you the fundamentals of better living, feeling better and performing better. From Peter, you’ll get the support you need to make positive changes stick, no matter what challenges your lifestyle presents.

It's clear that Peter Roberts is an established expert in the Canadian health and fitness industry. We could go on and on with the boring details of his resume... but if you want the inside track on what makes Peter a great guy to have on your side, check the blog or book a consult. And if you want to learn more about the real Coach Peter, hover over each photo below to learn a bit more.