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Mastering the fundamentals of fitness and nutrition

Get your eating on track in just 8 days. NUTRITION BASICS delivers the foundational information and tools you need to start feeling the way you really want... For FREE! 


In The Nutrition Basics Training Course:

  • What you need to master before you’re ready to tackle more complex dietary change;
  • The most effective strategy for keeping your nutrition planon track;
  • A simple template for getting portions right;
  • Why food quality is so important and how to improve yours;
  • How to life-proof your nutrition plan so you can implement healthy changes with ease;
  • My simple rules for enjoying treats without derailing yourself;
  • What your next steps should be.


Hi, I'm Peter

I'm a strength, conditioning and nutrition coach based in Toronto, and I help people get more out of life. I'm dedicated to simplifying the steps you need to take to improve so you never feel confused or overwhelmed. I'll show you which changes will make the biggest impact to your goal, which little details are absolutely key to your success, and how to avoid common mistakes that can rob you of progress. 



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