VIDEO: What Made KC's Workout So Great?


For me, this was just one of many really cool moments that I get to be a (small) part of by coaching at Quantum CrossFit. Sharing all of these inspiring moments and stories is something I'm planning to do more of. To me, that's what the gym can and should be about.

At it's best, coaching people is a rich, beautiful thing. There's a kind of a shared will between the coach and athlete, where you're working toward the same thing.

One this day, KC had a great performance. I can't take any credit for it. But being there, and trying to cheer him on to push the pace was pretty neat!

For me, what made the performance special wasn't that KC got the best score on the day (doesn't happen often though, so it was sweet to enjoy!), or that it was an especially tough workout, or even that KC's a pretty cool guy who I've been lucky to know for the past 6 or 7 years.

It was a great moment because of the focus and effort that went into it. Regardless of how fit you are, or how well you score on a workout, when you decide to give our best effort, and having a strong goal or intention, something changes. And when everything comes together and clicks, it's even better!

Everyone in the room can feel it.

And lot of times, it's contagious. It challenges everyone witnessing it to question what they're doing and to operate on a higher level. That's part of the magic of training with an energetic group of people.

This particular workout was a series of 10 intervals.

I won't bore you with the details, but right from the first set I had the idea that KC could get the best score if he reached for it, although he claimed he didn't believe he could achieve that! 

Well, he certainly gave it a shot.

I think when you have that idea in the back of your mind - that you could do very well (whatever that means... it's all relative) if you give it your all, you're a lot more likely to jump into the deep end and go all in.

In any event, way to go buddy. That was fun to watch.