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VIDEO: How Your "Training Age" Affects Your Current + Future Fitness Goals

The most important thing you need to know to make long-term progress on your fitness goals is a concept called 'Training Age.' Your training age isn't your actual age. It's more to do with how developed you are as an athlete, and it affects rate of progress, the kind of program you need, what kind of coaching you'll benefit from, and much, much more.

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The Gift Of Injury & Setting Fitness Goals That Support Your Life Goals

To be healthy is to have tremendous good fortune. And like most things, it's only easy to grasp the incredible value of our physical abilities when they're threatened. Here are my tips for figuring out the things your body does that matter most, and how to safe guard your enjoyment of them.  

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VIDEO: The Best Smelling Place on Earth?

My wife and I just got back from a week in Portugal. We visited the mainland: Lisbon, Lagos, Odeceixe, and Comporta, and the Azores. This post is all about the mainland, and of that, Odeceixe was by far our favourite place. It's incredibly beautiful, wild, and the smell is indescribable. Find out why in the video!

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