10 Quick And Healthy Breakfast Options For Weight Loss

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One of the things I'm most commonly asked about in nutrition coaching sessions is quick and healthy breakfast options for weight loss. 

For most people, I tend to recommend a breakfast that's relatively high in protein. Usually my clients interpret this as: "OK, I'll eat eggs."

There are potentially 3 problems with relying solely on eggs for breakfast:

  1. It's boring to eat the same thing everyday.

  2. In order to eat enough protein, you might need to eat as many as 4-6 eggs a day, and that feels like too much to a lot of people.

  3. Quite a few people are allergic to eggs.

Add to that, we all tend to be rushed in the morning, so the food needs to be easy to prep and easy/fast to eat

So then what? The biggest thing for many people is to change your mindset. Traditionally when we think 'breakfast' we think only special 'breakfast foods': cereal, oatmeal, bacon and eggs. Get rid of that mentality. Any foods work, be it leftovers from last night's dinner to a protein shake.

10 Quick And Healthy Breakfast Options For Weight Loss

  1. Shakes. Check out my excellent shake guide for more info. These can be a fast way to get plenty of nutrition in at breakfast, and if you make them properly, they will be able to keep you full until lunch.

  2. Smoked Salmon. Add a salsa (prep the night before or in bulk on the weekend) and some avocado and you're good to go.

  3. Soups. I love soups for breakfast, especially in winter. You can make a giant batch on the weekend without much effort. They store well in the fridge or freeze and heat up in no time in the microwave. I make fish soups, borscht with beef or chicken, chicken soups with lots of veggies (watercress is a favorite), and even hearty lamb stews once in a while. Download my cook book and/or do some googling until you find something interesting.

  4. Sausages or Patties. Pre-seasoned ground meat. Any type of patty or ground meat product works well in the morning since the meat is already broken down. This means less chewing time and an overall faster meal. Try to find one with no added filler or sugar - just meat and seasoning. In Toronto, I like the Butcher's Son at lot. Their sausages aren't overly seasoned/salty like many other butchers. Salsa, greek salad or a quick tomato salad all go really well with sausages.

  5. Meatballs In Tomato Sauce. It might sound a little hearty for breakfast, but I think it's an outstanding breakfast. It's easy to let them simmer on the weekend, and then quickly reheat them in the morning for a warm, comforting taste of Italy. And again, because it's group meat, it's easier and faster to check. Recipe in my FREE cookbook!

  6. Salads. They don't have to be boring. Throw some in some nuts, maybe some berries or sliced oranges or peaches. Add some protein: chicken, fish, beef, etc. Dress it with something healthy. Kaboom. You're off to a great start for the day!

  7. A Breakfast Burrito. Minus the Tortilla (If you're going lower carb). Cook up some eggs. Add salsa, avocado, tomato, black beans, some sour cream - whatever fixings you like. Put it in a bowl and you're good to go.

  8. Add Protein Powder. Let's say you're having oatmeal, but want to bump up your protein. Either mix the protein powder in, or just add to some to water and slam it back as a supplement to your main breakfast.

  9. Leftovers. What did you have for dinner? Eat that again.

  10. A Back-Up Plan. The other week I got busy and messed up my food prep for the week. For breakfast I eat a can of salmon. With a pickle. And some salsa (sliced some tomato, onion and cilantro, and added salt, pepper and lime juice). And a handful of nuts. Was it the proudest, best breakfast I've ever had? No. Did it do the trick. Yes.