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VIDEO: Improving Balance For Seniors

Struggling with balance is a common symptom of aging, so in this video I’m sharing some effective ways of improving balance for seniors. Each of these exercises is terrific for older people, anyone doing foot/ankle/leg rehab, or people at any age and stage who have trouble balancing.

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Want To Lose Weight On Night Shift? Here's How Shift Work Affects Your Body Goals.

Shift work weight gain is real. Working nights, even if you don't change shifts, is a major challenge to health and fitness. A rotating schedule is the hardest on the body and makes achieving weight loss, fitness, or body composition goals hardest. Here're my tips to try to make shift work healthier. 

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The Best And Worst Ways To Achieve The 10 Most Common Fitness Goals

What is the best program for your goals? If you want to lose fat, or build endurance, or get stronger, what should you do differently to maximise that particular result? This is a question I get a lot, and I thought I'd take a stab at answering by looking at the best and worst ways to achieve the 10 most common fitness goals.  

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VIDEO: What's The Best Protein Bar?

One of the most questions I'm most often asked is what's the best protein bar? That's because it's hard to find a protein bar with quality ingredients, low carbs and sugar, that tastes great. So I made it my mission to find every healthy protein bar I could and taste test them all to discover once and for all what's the best protein bar!

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The Gift Of Injury & Setting Fitness Goals That Support Your Life Goals

To be healthy is to have tremendous good fortune. And like most things, it's only easy to grasp the incredible value of our physical abilities when they're threatened. Here are my tips for figuring out the things your body does that matter most, and how to safe guard your enjoyment of them.  

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VIDEO: Let Me Show You How Bad Posture Is Making You Weaker, Less Athletic, And More Prone to Injury

Your back position has a huge impact on how effectively you can engage certain muscle groups. If you have bad posture, you really can't access the muscles that support your position and give you power to do things from picking up the groceries to tending goal like a star on your community soccer team. 

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