Get To Know Your Coach

Hi! My name is Peter. I’m 32 years old from Toronto, Canada… And I love being a health and fitness coach.

I was always super active and enjoyed sports like soccer, road hockey, rock climbing, and back-country hiking, but it wasn’t until late in university that I started working out at the gym. 

I had one foray into the gym during high school, but let's just say it went a little sideways. You can read the story here!

For me, being strong and fit has always been about being able to do more. I like getting better at doing the fun, physical activities I enjoy - sport, hiking, being able to drop everything and go for a run on a nice day just because I can. I’m just not a beach weights kind of guy looking to get pumped up - although that’s cool too if that’s your thing!


Back in 2006, I discovered Crossfit while working on my masters degree. After I finished school I knew I didn’t want a desk job, but I was at a bit of a loss for what career to throw myself into. I somehow wrangled a part-time coaching gig to get me started, and rest is history. Not only did coaching make me a better athlete, but I quickly discovered how much I loved sharing with others what I was learning about exercise.

Crossfit sometimes gets a bad rap for being cultish or too psychotically hard core. You know what? In some case that criticism is legitimate! Just like in any field, there are some crazies in CrossFit, and there are also others doing really excellent work at the cutting edge of performance and longevity. If done intelligently and with proper individualisation to match the needs of each specific client, it can be a magical thing.

Working out in this way makes you better at real life activities and provides a venue to challenge yourself. Plus, let's face it, feeling strong and fit is an incredible feeling.

In 2010 I co-opened my own gym, Crossfit Quantum, in East Toronto. As the head coach at Quantum I spend a lot of time crafting individual fitness and nutrition programs to help my awesome clients become more robust, prevent injury, heal injuries, and perform at a top level - now and for the long term. I also have a lot of laughs with the truly great people I'm fortunate to meet there.

I feel incredibly lucky to be living my own dream job. The most rewarding part is that sense of common purpose that comes from being on same journey with a client when we’re both throwing so much shared will towards a goal. Every day I have so much fun helping people do things they’re really excited about. It's awesome to help an athlete find that next level of performance. But, I think it's just as cool (maybe even cooler) to work with someone who hasn’t seen themselves as athletic in a long time, and show them that moving and being healthy feels so good.

I’ve learned that if I can help someone feel strong and confident in their body, I’ve helped them change their whole life.

And that’s what it’s all about. To me, the gym is more than a place to sweat (although, plenty of sweating happens). It’s a place to try hard. To succeed and fail. It’s a place to help other people. To make new friends. To laugh. To get frustrated occasionally. And sometimes when the time is right, it’s a place to connect with something primal, something deep in my gut that says “today I feel like letting it rip”, as I push through a workout. At the end of the day, it’s about the joy of it all.

That's what the gym means to me.

That's what fitness means to me.

This love and thrill of fitness is something I'm inspired to share with everyone who's interested.

This website and my online presence is the next level of this mission.

The amount of personalisation I’m able to bring to my coaching at Quantum CrossFit is incredible, but now I’m fired up to be branching out into the online space. Here, I’m able to deliver more information to more people, and focus on instilling the true fundamentals of health and fitness as we work together through the magic of the internet.

I've got plans for more blog posts, online video training programs, e-books, and vlogs, all aimed at one thing: to strip away confusion, and deliver key concepts so you can become a healthier, happier, fitter version of yourself. Finally, I want you to give you the tools to maintain that optimal state of being for a very, very long time.

Your job, when something resonates with you, is to find a way to work those concepts into the specific context of your own life.

- Coach Peter