How To Use The Ab Wheel For Beginners

This is how to use the ab wheel properly. If you do ab roll outs right, they’re an excellent anti-extension drill (for more on the 4-key aspects of core training, including anti-extension, check out this fantastic article). When done incorrectly, using the ab wheel can irritate your back and shoulders. Don’t make these two mistake [see video].


How to Use the Ab Wheel For Beginners: The Process

If you’re a beginner, start using the ab wheel by building up your ability to perform perfect reps from your knees. Work on getting all the way down and progress until you can do 15 reps. As a general guideline, do 3-6 sets per workouts.

From there, it’s still a big jump to be able to do ab wheel repetitions from your feet. Instead, you can do weighted ab roll outs by putting a plate on your back during your reps. Gradually increase the load until you’re able to do good quality ab roll outs from your feet. This is extremely challenging, but practice a few times and week and you might just get there!

Peter Roberts