This Is Why I Love My Job!

Every day there are incredible moments at my gym.

Sometimes, they are big jumps! Paul, one of our most consistent members and beat his previous personal best in the back squat by (a huge) 30lbs. I was so stoked I felt like I hit a PR myself! Paul had to take a bit of time away from lifting to heal his body, and in the process, he's continued to learn how to adjust his training to address his weak links and work for his body. We've put a lot of work in to get to this point.

Then he came back, trained hard (and smart!!), and hit (and exceeded) a big goal that he had, to squat 365lbs. It's stories like this that make me love my job!


Not all milestones are so big. Actually, most times they're pretty small. Someone has a mini-breakthrough, gets a bit better at a new skill, or hits a modest personal best on something.

But here's the cool thing: no matter how big or small, it all leads to greater confidence, the knowledge that if you persevere you will improve, and builds the drive to continue. And that builds excitement!

But it also inspires. Anyone who witnesses one of these tiny moments of greatness is compelled to believe that with consistency, they will get better too. So, it builds excitement in the people around you too. 

So, keep working! Stay consistent, and have fun with it. As long as you're not a douche who posts six gym selfies per day with cheesy inspirational/motivational messages (that's lame), you're going to be a positive influence.