VIDEO: The Best Smelling Place on Earth?

Normally I post fitness and nutrition content.

Today has nothing to do with that, but I think you'll enjoy it though!

My wife and I just got back from a week in Portugal.

We visited the mainland: Lisbon, Lagos, Odeceixe, and Comporta, and the Azores.

This post is all about the mainland, and of that, Odeceixe was by far our favourite place. It's incredibly beautiful, wild, and the smell is indescribable. Find out why in the video!

At every turn, we were stuck by something that left us in awe. The ocean. The cliffs. The forests. The fields. The freshest sea air money can buy!

It was pure elation! 

Now, just to add a bit of fitness content: we all need to unwind and relax sometimes. Even if you have a rigorous fitness/nutrition regime, consider taking a break from time to time for some relaxation. It will help keep your body and mind fresh for the long haul.

Enjoy the video!


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