VIDEO: How I Adjust My Workouts When My Hamstrings are Super Tight


I did a cray hamstring workout last Wednesday, and on Thurs and Fri my legs were tight as a ma-fa. This reminded me that our your day-to-day and moment-to-moment flexibility changes constantly.

And this affects our readiness and ability to properly perform exercises properly.

So if you have a big deadlift workout and your hammies are stiff as boards, what's a guy supposed to do? Power through it? Turn-up my pump-up songs louder?


If you're stiff, sometimes you need to modify your workout or completely overhaul what you're doing that day.

Otherwise you're asking your body to do something that it's just not ready for. Usually if you give that muscle a couple days and do a little stretching and/or self-massage, you'll be good to go and do your normal workout later in the week. 

It's worth postponing a key workout by a couple days if that will improve the quality of that workout. And it's rarely (if ever) worth knowing performing a workout where the risk of injury is significantly higher than it ought to be