VIDEO: A Pro-Tip For Effective Food Prep


What does effective food prep look like?

Type the phrase into google images and you'll get a gazillion pictures like this:

Healthy food, separated out into portioned out meals. 

There are plenty of meal delivery services that will do this all for you. If you can't cook or don't want to put the time into prepping food, I strongly suggest hiring a company to do it for you.

If you do plan to prep your own food, do yourself a favour and find a commercial kitchen/restaurant supply store.

If you're doing serious batch cooking, you're going to need a few things that you won't find at Canadian Tire.

  1. Cheap, bulk food storage containers to portion out your food and put everything in.
  2. Full size baking sheets that can take up your entire oven. These fit A LOT of food. 

You can find these, for considerably cheaper than main stream retail outlets, at stores that cater to restaurants. These two things make big-time food prep a whole lot easier. And while you're at it, an over-sized cutting board (so you don't spray your chopped food all over your kitchen) and a good sharp chef's knife help a lot too.


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