VIDEO: How To Activate Glutes

Most of my clients don’t know that they don’t know how to activate glutes. So if you need a simple test to see if you have even very basic control of your bum OR if you need a very simple activation drill to practice and improve your glute control/coordination, this one’s for you.

Many of you will be able to bypass this drill because it’s basic. For those who do struggle with how to activate glutes, practice the exercise often! I use this drill constantly for clients who are currently lacking in the gluteal department as a phase -1 exercise. It’s the sort of thing you want to master before you get involved in any more complex movements or lifts.

And do understand that this is only a starting point. When you’ve mastered the ‘ass grab drill’ you need to challenge the glutes in different positions, for different lengths of time, and under different loading situations. Essentially, the goal is to move toward increasingly complex exercises over time.


If you want more drills and progressions, I've written extensively on glute activation progressions - what actually works in real life and what doesn't - here. Check it out. There’s lots of great information there.