VIDEO: The Best Way To Warm-Up For Deadlifts

What is the best way to warm-up for deadlifts? This is one sample routine that ticks all the important boxes for most individuals. You'll want to tweak your approach for your needs, but this video shows some fundamentals of deadlifting warm-ups. While some of drills might look unusual, they do work well very well when performed properly.

The keys to the best way to warm up for deadlifts are:

  • Starting with something to promote blood flow and increase body temp a little;

  • Enhancing hamstring/hip mobility if needed (most do);

  • Practicing the right bracing technique and muscle firing sequence for your deadlifting/hinging activity;

  • Keeping it as short as possible to save time and energy;

  • Do more warm-ups if you're older/stiffer/more beat-up from training. The amount of warm-up/prep-time that you need varies day to day;

  • Then progress to progressively heavier warm-up sets of the exact exercise variation that you’ll be training that day. If you ever feel sluggish or like you’re lacking some pop in your warm-ups and heavy sets, use this incredible tip to tweak your warm-ups for better results!

Peter Roberts