VIDEO: Correct Deadlift Technique For Lifters Whose Hips Shoot Up

Having correct deadlift technique helps you lift more weight more safely. There are 4 big reasons why your hips come up in the deadlift, causing you to get pulled forward out of position. By paying attention to these details, ensuring your set-up and the start of your pull are correct, you'll be able to stop your hips from shooting up and lift more weight, more consistently.

  1. Pay attention to your foot position (bar over middle of foot/knot of shoelace).

  2. Learn how to keep your lats engaged.

  3. Take the slack out of the bar.

  4. Pull back against the bar and keep jut a bit of extra weight on the heels compared to other lifts.

Check out this quick video for a detailed explanation of these four crucial points to correct deadlift technique.


PerformancePeter Roberts