VIDEO: How To Engage Abs In A Deadlift or Kettle Bell Swing

I’m often asked how to engage abs in a deadlift or kettle bell swing, so today I’m showing you my favourite, simple drill. To create the most stability and be in the most effective position to move weight in a deadlift, we need to learn how to properly engage the abs. In fact, this technique applies to any movement that incorporates a hip hinge into it, including kettlebell swings, RDLs, good mornings, cleans, etc.

I really like this drill for how to engage abs, especially when used in a warm-up. It helps reinforce great movement and gives the lifter instant feedback. Try a couple sets of 10 in your warm-up the next time you’re deadlifting or swinging a kettlebell and then try to incorporate the same feeling in your full workout.

This exercise is frequently called the "Bulgarian Goat Bag Swing". I'm not making that up. Since it's such a ridiculous name (I can’t say it with a straight face to a client), I just call it the "Kettlebell-in-Abs Hip Hinge Drill."



PerformancePeter Roberts