VIDEO: Improving Balance For Seniors

Struggling with balance is a common symptom of aging, so in this video I’m sharing some effective ways of improving balance for seniors. Each of these exercises is terrific for older people, anyone doing foot/ankle/leg rehab, or people at any age and stage who have trouble balancing.

To start, try to build up to a minimum of 30-sec without assistance with the following drill.

From there, I like progressing to a single leg RDL hold for at least 30-sec without any major balance issues or flinches in your foot/ankle.

When you’ve mastered that, the next step would be working on single leg RDLs, split squats, and step-downs from a low (6-8”) block. After that, you could add more dynamic movement, like lunges, single leg hops (focus on consistency and accuracy with foot placement), and single leg balance with heels elevated.

Check out the video for the full the details of drills for improving balance for seniors. Enjoy!


Living WellPeter Roberts