VIDEO: Optimise Your Bench Press Leverage And Perfect Your Bar Path With One Simple Cue

There are a few major keys to excellent bench press technique. Two important details that often get overlooked are i) learning how to optimise your forearm angle and ii) achieve the best possible bar path. Luckily most people can accomplish both by focusing on one simple cue: “lead with the elbows.

If you can get this right, you’ll be rewarded with a more consistent bench press and the ability to lift more weight. If you don’t, you’ll be leaving pounds on the table and setting yourself up for a life of sloppy, inconsistent lifts.

Demonstrating this through video is the easiest way to learn it, so have a look below.


If you want more practical information on bench pressing, you can download this extensive & free benching manual that my team at Quantum CrossFit put together here.

Key points to Optimise Your Bench Press Leverage And Perfect Your Bar Path:

  1. Ideally we want to keep the elbow directly under the wrist during the press. In other words, the forearm stays vertical during the lift. Don’t over-tuck the elbows or flare them out too much.

  2. Unlike many lifts, the ideal bar path isn’t vertical. Leading with the elbows allows the bar to move in it’s natural, optimal position, and keeps the shoulder in the best position.

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