Mastering Upper Body Pulling: Chin-up Training Program For Beginners & Intermediate Lifters


WELCOME TO MY NEWEST E-course: a video-based Chin-up Training Program For Beginners & Intermediate Lifters

When we look at the fundamentals of human movement, our bodies have four main actions:

  • Hip Hinging (deadlifts, running)
  • Knee Bending (squatting, lunging)
  • Pushing With The Upper Body (push-ups, dips, bench press, overhead press)
  • Pulling With The Upper Body (chin-ups, rows)

In my Mastering Upper Body Pulling Chin-Up Training Program, you'll learn the key techniques that underpin every upper body pulling movement you'll ever perform. 

If you want to learn how to do chin ups for the very first time... Or get a chin up training program that'll be your guide to becoming more awesome at all pull exercises... This one's for you!

WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF CHIN-UPS? Are Chin-Ups The best upper body exercise?

The chest to bar chin up with a pause at the top to demonstrate full control really is the gold standard of upper body pulling exercises. If you can do this exercise for multiple repetitions, then your shoulders are most likely well balanced, really healthy, and very, very strong. It may take a long time to build up to being able to do this, and you may need to train with several other exercises to do so, but it is definitely worth it if you want highly functional shoulders. (Who doesn't?!?) 


I've been meticulous about explaining technique in this course, because to get the most benefit from your training, it's essential to target the correct muscles.

I know it’s totally possible to do various pulling exercises without fully recruiting the target muscles. I’ve personally done a 100lb weighted chin-up without proper activation, and I’ve seen many other athletes do incredible feats of strength this way.

But here’s the problem: If we want to achieve the right balance of strength between our different muscle groups, we need to train them effectively. You’ll be able to get by just fine with bad form for a while, but long-term it'll hurt you and hold you back from your ultimate potential. Believe me. I’ve experienced it myself and seen it many many times. So train the right way from the get-go. No short cuts. No ego.

Who is PR Coaching's Chin Up Training Program For?

  • Are you a beginner who needs a chin-up work out routine so you can get you chest up to the bar - unassisted - for the very first time? 
  • Do you need a more advanced chin-up training plan so you can start doing weighted chin ups and up to 20+ unassisted reps?
  • Do you want to build a super strong and balanced upper body without wrecking your shoulders or hurting your back?

If the answer to any of these questions is YES!! then this course is going to be fun and deliver big wins for you!