VIDEO: Lessons From the Throne - Tips for Accomplishing Daily Habits

Short Version

The key is progress is consistency. Therefore, find a routine that's small enough/simple enough to actually do, and make sure that you're just enough (but not more) than is necessary to see a result. Then find ways to fit it into your day with minimum impact. If that means doing double duty (dooty?) on the toilet, more power to you! (Full video below)


Slightly Longer Version

When we want to improve our mobility, increase body awareness in a certain movement, or need to work on a rehab/prehab drill, find the time to fit it into the day can feel overwhelming at times. And what happens when we feel overwhelmed? We stop. We quit. We don't do the thing that we ought to do. 

Since we know that consistency on these drills is the absolute most important element (this is a post for another day, but I can tell you from experience that you'll have virtually zero effect on fixing your flexibility/weak muscle groups by working on them just once in a while) we need an effective strategy to blend them into our day. We want this to be as easy and convenient as possible.

I'm plenty busy these days, and finding an extra 10-20mins during the day to commit to that stuff, as necessary as it is, can be tough. Once the day gets going, sometimes it feels like there's too much going on to to stop and do your drills. Personally, I get pretty fixated on the task I'm working on, and have a hard time stopping until it's completed. 

One great approach is to just do little bits at a time, instead of doing it all in one shot. This short video explains the absolute best way I've found to seamlessly insert 'physical homework' into your day.


Another option that works well is to get your 'homework' done immediately upon waking up. Don't let yourself leave your bedroom until you've completed at least 5mins of whatever it is you're supposed to do. Or 3mins minutes. Whatever you can commit to 100%. Set a timer and when it goes off, you know you've achieved at least some progress and consistency. 

If, after 5mins you want to do more, great! Go for it. Often you will! But at least you've hit your minimum standard and are building a consist routine.